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7 Ways to raise your vibrational frequency

Quantum physics has taught us that everything in this Universe including ourselves is energy. We do not live in isolation and whatever happens in the world around us, good or bad affects or impacts us on some level whether we are aware of it or not.

One of the great ancient Hindu texts, The Upanishads states, "When a blade of grass is plucked the entire universe quivers." It is with this understanding that we see that we have an impact on everything around us and everything around us affects us too.

Born an empath I have struggled most of my life trying to distinguish what was my energy and what was someone elses. I always wondered why I felt such intense pain and at the same time compassion for complete strangers. It was as if I could see and feel the sum total of all the pain and suffering that they have ever experienced. It was only in my twenties when I started practicing energy medicine that I learned to distinguish between what was my energy and what was someone elses. Many years prior I struggled to manage my own energy levels, often feeling drained out after simple interactions. I hadn't known then that I was actually picking up on and taking on other people's vibrational frequencies. My energy levels were depleted and I felt exhausted all the time. It was only after I learnt about the human energy field and the chakra system that everything made sense. We all vibrate at different frequencies and what ever happens in our world impacts our energy field. For example, ever noticed that when you are having a bad day and you spend time with someone that is positive you start to feel better, the opposite is also true.

Over the years I have had to learn ways to manage my own energy field and ensure that my own vibrational frequency was not impacted by everything going on around. Below is a list of things that have helped me raise my own vibration despite what was going on around me. I hope that you will find this list useful and if you haven't already, I invite you to try some of these for yourself:

1) Become more conscious of the foods you put into your body

Your body and your state of health is a product of what you put into it. In order to raise your vibrational frequency you need to become aware of the foods you put into your body and how those foods make you feel. If after a meal you are feeling lethargic and sleepy then perhaps the food that you have just consumed is not vibrationally compatible with you. At the tender age of 12 I gave up animal based foods because I felt those foods were not compatible with me and they also didn't make me feel so good. Since then I've been on a plant base diet and have never looked back. I'm not advocating a vegetarian diet, that's your own personal choice. What I am saying is take notice of how you feel and how your body responds when you consume certain foods. Our bodies are different and what may work for me may not necessarily work for you.

2) Listen to your body

When you are tired, take rest. When you are hungry eat and when you are thirsty, hydrate. Sounds basic right? But how many of us actually listen? Many of us live a large proportion of our lives lost in our own thoughts, often ignoring the signals our body gives us. When your body is in pain, it is your bodies way of saying to you that something is out of balance. To raise our vibrational frequency we need to get more in tuned with our bodies.

3) Breathe more deeply

One of the quickest ways to raise your vibration is to bring your focus to your breathing. When you do this you bring your awareness to the present moment. Secondly breathe more deeply. When you do that you take in more oxygen and you allow your body to eliminate toxins more efficiently. Deeper breathing also has a stilling effect on the mind and allows your thoughts to slow down.

4) Notice what you take in through your senses

Do you take notice of the music you listen to, the lyrics and how you feel after listening. Remember words have power. Do you take notice of how you feel after watching something on TV? What we take in through our senses have an impact on our energy field and our vibration. For example when we watch violence on TV (news, programs or movies) that lowers our vibrational frequency.

5) Be more discerning on who you spend your time with

There's a saying, we are the sum total of the 5 people that we spend the most amount of time with. If the people you are spending your time with make you feel heavy and tired then you need to be more discerning on who you spend your time with.The people we spend most of our time with have an influence on our mindset, and our perceptions of the world. One way to gauge whom you should be spending your time with is by asking this, Do I feel inspired after sending time with person X or do I feel drained?

6) Become the observer of your thoughts

According to some sources we have approximately 50 000 thoughts per day. Some of it is just fleeting thoughts, whilst others tend to stay a bit longer. When we become the observer of our thoughts and not react to every thought that enters our mind, we change our vibration. Thoughts are energy and the moment we realize that we can choose the thought we have they no longer have power over us. Our mindset has a great impact on our emotional state. If we think negative thoughts all the time, we create stress in our bodies. Likewise if we think positively we feel lighter in our bodies and thus raise our vibrations

7) Let go of the past

When we hold onto hurt and resentment, we lower our vibrational frequency and this makes us more susceptible to illness and disease. However when we forgive and let go of what has past we raise our vibrations. Negative thoughts and emotions weight us down and eventually manifest as disease in our mind and body. When you let go of the baggage, you free yourself and your energy feels lighter.

There are also many other ways that you can raise your vibration, if you have tried any, I would like to hear your experience.

About the author: Anashree Hansjee is a Life Coach and energy medicine practitioner based in Johannesburg, South Africa. If you would like to learn about raising your vibrational frequency so that you have more energy to do the things you love whilst living a life of balance, contact her at for more information.


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