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4 Simple ways to reduce stress instantly

I’m sure that each and everyone of you reading this article has experienced stress and its effects in some part of your life at some point. There is a growing body of medical evidence that is showing that many of the health related issues showing up in our lives are mainly caused by stress.

I am also sure that many of you have heard the usual things about how exercising more and eating healthy can reduce stress. Sounds simple right? But the reality is that what is being asked is easier said than done. You see its about breaking deep ingrained patterns that we are so used to. Its about changing the way we response to outside stimuli and also changing how we perceive things.

Of course eating healthy and exercising helps but sometimes they may be the most difficult things to change first. So what really is it that we can do to beat this thing called stress. Its simple actually. Below are a few things you can do right now:

1) There is power in the present moment. Bring you attention to this very moment in time. And when I mean bring your attention, I mean all the parts of you that have not been present like the part of you that lives in the past as well as the part of you that lives in the future. Call back all those parts of you that have gone off to some other place and allow yourself to be fully present. Become fully aware of your surroundings and as you do this you will soon realise that despite all the drama that you perceive to be unfolding in your life, there is a deep sense of peace in the now.

2) Breathe. When we are stressed we tend to contract, also sort of close up and our breathing becomes more shallow. Become aware of how you are breathing. Just for this moment observe your in-breath and out-breath. No judgement, just observe.

3) Get out of your mind more. Even if only for a few moments, allow the volume of the incessant chatter to become faint. Its difficult to stop the voice of the mind and I am not asking you to do that. What I am asking you is to become aware that you can lower the volume of that voice. And when you do that, observe the part of you that lowered the voice and observe the voice itself. Then become aware of the sounds in your environment. Whether it’s the traffic or the neighbours or the sound of nature, just observe. And even if its noisy remind yourself that the noise is from the outer world and that you always have a choice of how you respond to it.

4) Who does this belong to? Now we have all at some point heard that everything is energy and that we are all energy vibrating at different frequencies. But what you may not be consciously aware of is that we are almost like antenna picking up different frequencies in our environment and in our interactions with people. Sometimes those interactions can be draining or uplifting. I’m sure that there is that one person that when you interact with them it leaves you completely drained out.. So what’s happening here, you may ask. Its simple you are picking up on their energy, and if its draining you out then its usually their negative energy. Now I’m not saying stop interacting, I’m saying become more conscious of your interactions and when you feeling drained when you are around someone, simple ask this question in your mind: Who does this belong to? Sometimes just this simple question is enough to get you uplifted again because you are consciously not taking on the our person’s stuff.

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