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To inspire positive change so that our clients can awaken the greatest version of themselves


"We help ordinary people build extraordinary lives through coaching, healing and personal mastery."


Infinity Expressions Coaching is committed to helping its clients build extraordinary lives by inspiring them to awaken the greatest version of themselves. Our business idea supports this mission by offering a variety of well-designed services geared towards transformational coaching and personal mastery.


Our services cover both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer market. At Infinity Expressions we are not just committed to helping our clients build extraordinary lives. We also recognize our responsibility to the world – to also better the lives of the communities we serve, and to inspire others to do the same. This commitment to inspiring humanity to BE EXCEPTIONAL is how we do business every day.




"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Einstein

Anashree Hansjee heads up Infinity Expressions Coaching, a business built to help ordinary people build extraordinary lives through coaching, healing and personal mastery. As a Life & Executive coach, Anashree has carved a successful career for herself by dedicating her working life towards empowering others to awaken the greatest version of themselves. Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, Anashree has spent the last decade and a half building a solid academic foundation and a firm experiential base.

She has a B.Com Honours Degree specializing in General Management. In addition, she is an Internationally accredited Life Coach and NLP practitioner. Anashree also has several certifications in the field of Energy Medicine, which she integrates well into her coaching practice. An invaluable 2 in 1 that brings a unique and highly valuable blend of content and tools that have enabled rapid transformation for her clients.

Having also spent a large portion of her career in corporate, Anashree is proud to have served and been a contribution to several multinational organisations in various industry sectors that include:

·         Japan’s largest trading house

·         The world’s largest research firm

·         The world’s 3rd largest research agency

·         And one of South Africa’s top 3 telecommunication providers

Anashree’s key strength lies in her natural ability to relate to people of diverse backgrounds and ages. This gives her the ability to create strong rapport and ease when coaching even at senior manager and executive levels. 

From childhood, Anashree adopted certain core values that have not only shaped who she is but has also influenced the choices she makes in life and the way she conducts business. These being:

·         Integrity & honesty in all aspects of personal and business life

·         Respect & empathy for all forms of life

·         Serving humanity by helping to better the lives of those in need


When she is not coaching clients, Anashree loves to travel globally with a special interest in ancient sacred sites like the temples of Cambodia & China as well as the Great Pyramids of Egypt. She also has a big heart and soft spot for children which has driven her to volunteer for causes that serve and uplift humanity. One such initiative is the Thato Ke Matla Children’s Orphanage in Orange Farm.

She believes in the resilience of the human spirit, that no matter what your current circumstances are in life, you can turn things around when you awaken the greatness within.

Anashree offers face-to-face, skype and telephonic coaching sessions, Peak Performance coaching programs and workshops.

Anashree Hansjee

Life & Executive Coach

Mostert Avenue, Randburg


Tel: +27 83 200 4909

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