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The greatest achievers on this planet all have one thing in common, their ability to consistently take MASSIVE ACTION.

So what is it that drives them?  You see those who have the ability to create impact and achievement have a different quality of thinking and emotion that ensures commitment to change. These individuals stop at nothing. Their laser sharp focus and their hunger for achievement is what sets them apart from the rest.

With Anashree’s experience as a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner she uses her knowledge of how the brain forms habits and patterns of behavior so that you move past lifelong hurdles to rapidly create the change you want for your life.

You see, for you to really improve the quality of your life and create lasting change, you need to adopt new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. You need to step out of your comfort zone and ask new questions. You must develop a solid plan, create results that are measurable as well as celebrate your achievements.

Life Coaching is a powerful way to assist you to unleash your unlimited potential and help you achieve the results you want in your life.

Here is a list of areas (not limited to this list) that Life Coaching can help you move forward and create the life you truly desire.

Personal Development & Self- Image

o   Developing self-esteem

o   Building confidence

o   Healing addictions

o   Weight lose

o   Improving and curing phobias

Relationship Mastery

o   Attracting your ideal relationship

o   Healing from past relationships

o   Managing difficult relationships

o   Breaking unhealthy relationship patterns

o   Improving your current relationship

Stress Management

o   Better coping with post-traumatic stress

o   Healing from past trauma

o   Tools for improving stress resilience

Family Life

o   Creating a supportive home environment

o   Managing and improving parental relationships

Life purpose

o   Helping to identify your life purpose


o   Achieving your next career goal or making your next career move

o   Making a transition to a new career

o   Coping with work related stress

o   Maintaining balance between work and personal life

Attitudes & Beliefs

o   Working through and removing limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in any area of your life

o   Identifying and eliminating negative thoughts and patterns of thinking that are destructive


o   Coping with chronic illness

o   Maintaining optimal health

o   Bringing about mind-body balance

Whether its losing weight, attracting, building and nurturing your dream relationship or taking your career to the next level, Anashree ensures that you have the right tools and strategies to make it happen.

Here at Infinity Expressions Coaching, the motto is "BE EXCEPTIONAL" and it is with that drive that Anashree helps you create a culture of excellence that will be the basis for every aspect of your life. She is also committed to helping you optimize every aspect of your life so that you can live from your highest potential.

If you are ready to take massive action and get to the next level, then its time to get started on Infinity Expressions Coaching services. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve in your life with the right guidance and support.

Book a complimentary 60 minute LIFE COACHING consultation with me to find out how coaching can assist you in taking your life to the next level. 


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