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Thinking of ditching your dead-end job to pursue your dream?

Now that is one question I pondered over for years before I actually did it. It all started very early in my career actually when I joined a large international company whose name I will keep private at this point. Getting all excited to join the working world, I gained experience and the months turned into a couple of years. Which was when I started feeling like something was really missing in my life. So I went onto to the next job at the next international company hoping that the challenges would keep me on my toes and make me feel a bit more fulfilled. After the excitement of a new job faded I realised I was in the same space two years ago, feeling unfilled and wanting to do more with my life. So, I started asking some pretty scary questions at that time like “Is this the life I’m going to have for the rest of my life?, When am I going to feel that feeling of contentment in what I was doing with my life?, Will I ever feel fulfilled?, What are the things that fulfil me?” And as the questions started bombarding my headspace I started to feel the first signs that the journey I was on was about to take a whole different course.

It may sound so clichéd but it’s true in life when the student is ready the teacher will appear. For me at that point in my life, call it a series of coincidences or well-orchestrated plan set out by the Universe, I seemed to be meeting and bumping into so many holistic healers and practitioners. Now I have always been drawn to the healing arts from a young age but I never really considered any formal qualification in the field until that point. So, long story short I did my first Reiki course and suffice to say on my first day I went to class I was very emotional and tearful. This may sound crazy but I almost felt like I had prepared over many lifetimes to be there to receive that knowledge and wisdom. And for the first time in many years I started to feel a fulfilment I never felt before. Could this, be it? Wait what about my corporate job? What about my degrees that I had spent years on? What would my parents think? What would everyone else think? These were all the questions flooding through my mind. And many of them had remained unanswered for a while.

So I finally found something that fed my soul and the months still turned into years as I went on many different courses and also took on clients part-time. Even though my corporate life was hectic I still managed to do this soul fulfilling work on the side. But things were coming to a tipping point, I could feel it. I was procrastinating, trying my best to avoid the inevitable, afraid of change, afraid of what the future might hold dare I step out of the corporate world to living my purpose and fulfilling my dreams. I always joked that I’ll pursue my dream when I’m retired but somehow that was not the Universe’s plan for my life. It was going to happen sooner than I expected.

And then one day, also ten years after I did my first Reiki course, I decided that I had had enough of my soul sucking corporate job. It was time to make the biggest decision of my life. And many of my coaching clients ask me all the time how did I do it. Well personally for me it wasn’t as easy, in fact it took me ten years to finally make that decision. But over ten years ago I knew that my life was going to take a different course one day and that I needed to start preparing myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even financially. It’s almost two years now to the date I left corporate and pursued my dream and purpose of helping to raise the consciousness of humanity through coaching and healing. And as I reminisce about the journey that it took to get me here, there is a sense of gratitude and purpose as I coach people today to make that very same decision, this time instead of 10 years, in 6 to 12 months. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Was it difficult? Most certainly. Am I more fulfilled? YES. Am I nervous about the future? At times. Will I do it all over again? YES, YES YES! So if you’re considering ditching your day job, chat to me!

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