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Conversations with fear

Oh Fear, why have you come?

I present myself in different forms to help you live out your life’s purpose, to help you learn along your journey. In your world of duality, fear and love are opposites. Where there is fear there is no room for Love.

What are you Fear?

I am the rock that stands between you and who you truly are, your I AM presence. I am reflected in every relationship you have in your life and every relationship in your life is a reflection of your relationship with your I AM presence. I am there to remind you of your life’s purpose, to push you on your journey towards remembering your wholeness. Whether its negative or positive, your experiences with me, it does not matter, for it is ultimately for your highest good. Everything happens for your highest good. I am not the monster you think I am. I am the splinter in your foot that makes you uncomfortable, so that you may take the time out of your busy life’s journey to pay attention to your true purpose in this world.

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