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"Live in enchanted neutrality. In Oneness with supreme detachment. Let go of the old ways of doing life to be in the New Earth. We are problem solvers on a cosmic level."
- Kenji Kumara
Quantum Light Weaving

Quantum Light Weaving is one of the latest advancements in complimentary energy medicine and is seen as an approach rather than a technique.


It works on bringing about a higher vibrational frequency for transformation and therefore works on the deeper layers of self.  Quantum Light Weaving also assists in facilitating shifts in the state of one's consciousness.


Quantum Light Weaving focusses on the following: (but is not restricted to)


  • Clearing family tree, genetic and tribal conditioning

  • Inner child recieving & healing as well as childhood wounding

  • Transformation at the body, mind and soul level

  • Works on dysfunctional relationships

  • Clears away emotional and psychological blocks including low self esteem



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