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If you are ready to start living that exceptional life you've always dreamed of, the PERSONAL & EXECUTIVE coaching we offer can support you in achieving your goals and making those dreams a reality. Let us help you on your journey to living an exceptional life.



Personal and private session/s focus entirely on what it is YOU truly want and desire & how to achieve those results.

Join us for one on one personal coaching session/s which will assist you in changing the patterns of your mental and emotional behavior to overcome what presently is challenging for you. With our personal coaching you will learn the art of attaining the greatest success and happiness you desire by using your innate capacities to their greatest extent.

A private session includes:

  • Total commitment towards your well-being and success

  • 60 minute in-person appointment

  • Post appointment tasking geared towards achiveing your goals

  • Follow-up message

  • 100% commitment from your end to action and apply what you learn in your session/s


Each session is tailored to suit your personality and personal history with your goals and objectives in mind. Sessions are normally conducted at regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals based on your individual requirements. This could also be in combination with email correspondence.






Whether you are starting your own business or part of an established organisation, we have coaching solutions tailored to your business needs. Successful businesses and organizations are dependent on numerous factors from setting and achieving the right goals to having the right people in the right jobs. Individual skills are important but so is overall team performance. Teams like individuals have group goals and targets but at times individuals could be overwhelmed with the fast work pace and pressures, which may cause them to lose their focus and/or feel their workload is taking over their life.


Executive coaching includes goal setting and looks at providing powerful, alternative choices as a way to make things happen whether you are a small business owner or a large orgainsation with several levels. No matter how small or large your team is, we can help them achieve professional excellence by improving performance and potential. We also work with your team members one on one or as a group in order to bring back harmony, build stronger rapport and align the vision of the team with that of the organization. The benefits manifest, thereby creating balance in all areas of the individual's life which is great for the business or organisation as a whole.


For both our personal and business coaching we offer once-off sessions as well as packages to suit your needs. Inquire with us for further details.

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"A goal without a date is only a dream."

            -Milton Erickson

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