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Ever heard the saying "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"? You see we are all responsible for the experiences we create in our lives. NLP makes you look at things differently and this has a profound effect on the experiences you attract into your life.


If you would like to improve the quality of your life from within, without the use of dangerous pharmaceuticals, then NLP is absolutely something that will help you. NLP explores the relationship between how we think (Neuro), how we communicate (Linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour (Programming). With NLP you will find it easier to achieve your personal and professional goals because you'll gain greater access to your internal resources, remove obstacles that have been holding you back as well as have more fun while doing it. NLP involves the use of guided visualisations along with specific language patterns to initiate positive change within.


Dealing with and healing from Emotional Problems

NLP techniques provide new ways of dealing with emotional problems such as low self esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence, destructive relationship patterns (coping with breakup), and are successful in effective bereavement counselling.


Overcoming Fears and Phobias

A variety of phobias such as spiders, heights, dogs, escalators, water, lifts/elevators, etc can be overcome through the use of NLP. The same phobia cures are successfully used on fears, such as fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear of examinations,  fear of driving etc.


Increased performance

NLP is known to help improve performance, so making a good performance excellent and also improving the consistency of performance. It feels good to do well, and it feels VERY good to do well all the time. People perform at all levels, from the person who views golf as a hobby to the professional athlete. We all enjoy that feeling of knowing our game has improved, and for some high achievers that improvement is paramount to stay ahead.


Achieving and maintaining good performance is essential at all levels including work and personal relationships. Performance is often judged by others. Having the clarity to notice this and listen to what others are telling you is an asset. NLP can help develop the skills needed for relationships that stay ahead.


Stress reduction and weight loss & control for a healthier lifestyle

NLP has been successfully used with weight reduction and many other healthier lifestyle choices. There are clearly physical benefits from a NLP session in coping with stress. When we struggle with problems we feel the affects of stress, especially when the problems are longstanding. Addressing the problem reduces the level of stress so therefore not only do we feel better emotionally, we also feel physically better.

You haven't come this far to let fear now stop you in your tracks. BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, BE EXCEPTIONAL.

- Anashree Hansjee

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